Bath Squiggler Gift Pack

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Squiggler Bath Fizzes by Loot are the ultimate antidote to stinky kids. Simply fill the tub and drop them into the bathwater (the Bath Squiggler, not the kids) and watch it do its thing. The effervescent Squigglier dissolves, colouring the water and scenting the air with a fruity fragrance. And we haven't even mentioned the best part yet: as it dissolves the Squiggler also releases a cute little sponge character! It could be an animal...a bird...a fish...a bus...who knows? Just like that, your bath-resistant stinky kid will jump right in the tub and frolic and play in the fragrant coloured water until they are no longer stinky. And Squigglers won’t stain your bathtub...or your kids.

Sold in gift packs of seven (7), for a full week of joyful stink removal.

Squigglers are hand-made here in Vancouver, Canada using food and soap grade Canadian and American materials. Safe, non-toxic and 99.9% natural, Squigglers are ASTM, CE and CPSIA approved for stinky children 3yrs + up.

Orange – Pineapple
Blue – Sugar Plum
Emerald Green – Lime
Fuschia – Raspberry
Purple- mixed berries
Yellow – Lemon-orange
Blue Green – Apple (exclusive to gift pack!)

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