About us

I first had the idea to open a store like Pebble back in the spring of 2008. My maternity leave was soon ending, and the only thing I knew was that I didn't want to return to my job in the corporate world. With the weeks and days counting down, I set about looking for a new career that would be more in line with my priorities as a new mom.


I soon began to consider the potential for a different type of retail boutique. I wanted to be able to offer moms like myself a unique selection of clothing, shoes and children's products that they wouldn't find elsewhere—the kind of products I was having great difficulty finding for my own son. So, despite having zero retail experience, I managed to find a great little space for lease close to home. Next, I started scouring blogs and chatting with other moms in search of special products that would set my little store apart.


These days, though Pebble may have gotten much bigger (as have my kids!), these simple methods of finding exciting new products are still the ones my staff and I trust the most. We now feature clothing, shoes and accessories, toys, books, games, and gift items—all for kids aged 0-8. 'Carefully curated’ is how we often describe ourselves; we look for things that have distinctive qualities that set them apart from your typical offering of mass-produced goods. Most of our clothing and apparel is locally made and/or designed. We have a large certified organic selection, as well as wooden toys and other products made from natural materials. As owner, I believe it is our responsibility to offer products like these—to encourage more responsible consumerism, as well as responsible retail-ism. I think I just made up a new word.


I hope you enjoy shopping with us.


— Jordan Proulx, Owner of Pebble Kids Store