Beba Bean Sweater Moccs

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Beba Bean decided to combine two of their favourite products, sweater sox and crochet knit booties. And wouldn't you know it, they go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or, like little feet and handmade soft wool moccasins with a looped stitch leather sole. A perfect fit. Which is exactly what these adorable little moccasins are, because they also have a plush cozy inner lining. That's why Beba Bean guarantees — in all caps, no less — that they will STAY ON BABY'S FEET. And baby's feet will live happily ever after. Until they eventually outgrow them. But until then, super comfy, ultra-snug, mega-cute baby feet.

100% wool upper, 100% leather sole.
Hand wash in cold water, air dry.

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