Organic Peppa Tino Bonding Doll

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These all-natural bonding dolls from Peppa Tino can create an emotional bond that's stronger than industrial-grade epoxy.

If you use as instructed and give it your newborn, your newborn will cling to it through all stages of baby-hood, toddler-ism and childhood. You may even find your child still sleeping with it well into elementary school. And yes, we here at Pebble have experienced this firsthand.

How to correctly use your Peppa Tino bonding doll:
Before giving to your newborn, mom sleeps in bed with the doll for a couple of nights first. The 100% wool filling absorbs smells easily, so mom's distinctive scent will soon transfer to the doll. For faster results leave the doll in bed under the covers after you wake up.

Since smell is the sense babies develop first, your little bundle of joy will recognize mom's scent on the doll and become an even more joyful bundle. The familiar scent combined with the ultra soft cuddliness of its 100% organic cotton fabric — which only gets softer and cuddlier the more it's used — makes it a source of comfort for baby that only mom herself can top.

Peppa Tino dolls are handmade in Fair-trade using natural materials only.

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